About us

We are a close knit community of innovative creators. We believe that we can change the world by giving a platform to the people who share our vision. We exist to provide a platform through excellence in every part of the production process for any project, from small graphic design to a full movie production that stretches us to the limits. We strive to give our utmost dedication to provide stunning products for your future creative aspirations.

Meet The Team

Ty Gotham

A.K.A. Lord Gotham

Founder and head of video production at GHP. Cliff jumping ninja. #Doitfortheshot

Taylor Phipps

A.K.A. Swiss Army Dude

Co-Founder of GHP. Music Efficienado. Head Taylor of all things visual.

David Kim

A.K.A. The Asian

Chief Developer of GHP. Tech Guru. Local Polyglot (proficient in more than 3 languages, besides code).


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